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Our Story

Liene and I first met in 2015 in a nightclub in Rugby as I was DJing and Liene was working behind the bar. At first, we were just friends going out for the occasional drink and keeping in touch. In June 2018, Liene flew out to Bulgaria to visit me whilst I was working out there for the summer and that's when we decided to become a couple. Liene said it wasn't official until I asked her out properly so I did what I do best and asked her over the microphone whilst DJing in a nightclub in front of 700+ people :). 

After Liene visiting a few times over the summer and the season coming to an end, I flew back home and that's when we moved in together in a small flat in Rugby. After being together for 2 years,  I decided to pop the question and luckily Liene said Yes!

Now 3 years later, it's the year of our wedding and we are so excited to see you all in Bulgaria, the place where me and Liene officially started.

Let's party! 

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